Who or what determines our lot in life? How do we get to where we are? Is it all a consequence of the choices we make? Or is it determined by something bigger than us … Fate? God? The Universe?  


Natural Order is a new multi-artform, performance installation work by Milk Crate Theatre, looking at where individual effort and universal law collide. We examine how much is really up to us; the systems that keep us ‘in our place’; and why, despite repeated and exerted effort, the human right to dignified security is still so far out of reach for some of us. How do we challenge this? What are the real consequences of resistance? Can we ever really get past where we are today, or are we destined to be tied to a natural world order?  


Weaving together the concerns and explorations of people with lived experience of homelessness, Natural Order cross-examines the personal, political, and philosophical. An immersive installation experience comprising live performance, film, visual art, sound and movement, Natural Order is creatively led by Artistic Director Margot Politis, and facilitated by some of Sydney’s most exciting and dynamic contemporary arts practitioners.  


The work will be presented in a non-traditional performance space, allowing audiences to travel among the work. It will presented as part of Homelessness Week 2019, being held in Sydney.