Milk Crate Theatres works within a Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) framework, meaning our work is community centred and collaborative. Professional practising artists facilitate programs and projects where participants engage in creative expression and contribute to decision-making within the process. This happens within a safe and supported environment, fostering skills development, confidence, self-efficacy, and social connection.


We follow the Creating Australia definition of Community Arts and Cultural Development:


  1. The activity involves the creation of artwork by with and for the community

  2. Development is a primary objective of the initiative

  3. The activity is socially inclusive

  4. The activity is community centred and collaborative

  5. The activity involves the engagement of highly skilled arts and culture practitioners


The programs and projects offered by Milk Crate Theatre are always led by practising professional artists, and there is always a skills development aspect to the activity. This applies whether the activity is “drop-in, drop-out” in style, or is in development toward a large public presentation.


All of our creative material is produced by the people engaged in our activities. This means that facilitators and guest artists are encouraged to avoid imposing their own ideas or shaping people’s ideas to fit into a preconceived format or outcome. It also means that we do not use pre-existing scripts, teach existing choreography, or rework material that has been created by someone else. We ask questions rather than provide answers, and offer activities in a range of art forms so that people can contribute as they wish. 


Participant material is then guided into shape by facilitators through a process of transparency and group decision-making, which offers further learning and inclusion for participants.


We believe this offers ownership, autonomy, and self-efficacy.