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CAST PROFILE - Matthias Nudl

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Matthias is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney Macarthur. Major productions for Milk Crate Theatre include ‘The things that are left behind’, ‘This House is Mine’ and ‘Feast’. Matthias also enjoys creative writing and reading.

What role have you had in the development and creation of this work?

I became a staff member of DAVO in acting for the camera and assisted in the creation of the DAVO orientation film.

What was your favourite workshop throughout the process of making 'Natural Order'?

‘In the beginning’ with Kay Armstrong, which led to the creation of the DAVO orientation video

What is something you would like the audience to take from this show?

The people building systems should make provisions for the ones that are left behind. i.e. The people who slip through the cracks.

Photo by Patrick Boland

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