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CAST PROFILE - Pauline Trenerry

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Pauline is a writer, poet, and actor. She completed Milk Crate Theatre's Pathways program and co-facilitated 'Interim' with 107 projects and residents from the Waterloo Housing Development in 2019.

How have you been a part of 'Natural Order'?

Some of the incredible workshops I’ve enjoyed attending include Set Design workshops, Cabaret workshops, and the scriptwriting workshop. In the Set Design workshop I stuck BBQ skewers into foam shapes with David Capra. I waved my pretend lighter in the air as the awesome Tim Hansen on keyboard at OLC turned the immortal line “sit in that chair” into a rock ballad in the Cabaret workshop. “What would get my character going in the morning?” I wondered in scriptwriting with facilitator Sarah Emery.

In your own words, how would you describe 'Natural Order'?

'Natural Order' is a strange, at times darkly funny, interactive journey through a fictional world created with film, song, sound, movement, and live performance. It reflects the lived experiences of oppressed people in society who feel powerless in dealing with the absurdities of a system with constantly changing rules and shifting walls in which it seems almost impossible to flourish.

What excites you about this show?

'Natural Order' gives people the opportunity to be involved at so many levels whether it's moving sets around, being in a film, creating soundscapes, or performing. I have learned so many new things like how to write a song and what words rhyme with 'styrofoam cups (We came up with 'please shut up').

Photo by Patrick Boland

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