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CREATIVE TEAM PROFILE - Jacqueline Marriott

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Assistant Director

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am an artist who works in the worlds of movement and play, which are two passions I love to explore through a third passion of mine – community engagement. I love languages and travelling and thoroughly enjoy enriching my artistic practice by learning from other cultures across the globe. As well as working with Milk Crate, I also work as a professional Silly Billy with the Starlight Children’s Foundation and as a Presenter and Creative Play Artist with Sydney Opera House.

In your own words what is 'Natural Order'?

'Natural Order' is a moving organism, a wonderfully wild exploration of what it means to test the way the world is organised. Imagine being given the job of organising the world – whatta drag. So we’re having a crack at challenging that – popping the lid on the bottle of fizzy drink, shaking the bottle up and taking the lid off again. Buckle up.

Why do you think it is important to bring 'Natural Order' to the public?

Because each and every audience member is part of the system, part of many systems, in fact. None of us is free of being in one system or another so an examining of this with many minds involved will yield more interesting results of said exploration – science 101: increase the data collection size, get more substantiated results. (At least I think that’s it – I’m an artist, what would I know about science?)

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