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Artistic Director - Milk Crate Theatre

All hail our Fearless Leader Margot Politis - Artistic Director of Milk Crate Theatre and Director of 'Natural Order'!

With over 14 years of practice, Margot has become a recognised leader in NSW inclusive arts practice as a performer, choreographer, and devisor of new dance theatre. Margot spent 2009-2016 as the Accessibility Director at Shopfront Arts Co-op. She began her career performing with Restless Dance Theatre (SA) as a mentee to Kat Worth in 2004.

As an independent practitioner, Margot has worked with Ausdance NSW, Accessible Arts NSW, Murmuration, Dirty Feet, The Song Room, Ever After Theatre, and Autism Spectrum Australia. In May 2015 she was artist in residence at Tasdance, Launceston, to provide skills development in inclusive practice for the company. In 2015, Margot established Self Help Arts, a collective of artists with lived experience of mental health support needs. Self Help Arts makes interdisciplinary and immersive performance work that explores social, medical and historical theories related to mental health, diagnoses, and recovery. Margot has spoken at many events about disability and mental health, including as a panellist at the MCA Mental Health Awareness Week forum, and has consulted on the development of Arts and Health policy for government and organisations. 

Margot has been at the helm of the 'Natural Order' since its birth in 2017.

“I started with a very open question deliberately, the title of this show - Natural Order and we began by asking our participants what is Natural Order, is there an inherent hierarchy ... People have really enjoyed exploring the different art forms, I think the participants have really enjoyed being heard; having a space to talk about opinions and issues rather than having to re-hash their own personal stories which is something new and I hope of benefit.”

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