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'NATURAL ORDER' - Assistant Director Jac Marriott

Hi, I’m Jac – I am the Assistant Director for Natural Order. I am most inspired by travel, kids and learning new things. I love to move, to play and be silly, which are three of the core ways I explore and create my work as an artist.

My role in 'Natural Order' is technically as Assistant Director, which I have interpreted to mean I play the part of very enthusiastic, passionate, excitable human who corrals our ensemble together and supports our wonderful director, Margot.

I have been a part of the show for about a year, when I was a Teaching Artist with the Physical Theatre workshops that were part of the development of the show. Since the commencement of this year, I have been in attendance of various other show-development workshops and ongoing collaborations with Margot. These collaborations range from technical things like organising, timetabling and doing grown up/computery stuff like that to creatively exploring all the facets of the wonderful world that makes up Natural Order. It has been a sublime ride, this 'Natural Order' one and it is my hope that you, too, thoroughly enjoy your visit to DAVO.

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